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Baby Saitama is a good old fashion meme coin that rewards its holders with 2% Redistributions and a Deflationary 2% Burn on every transaction.

BabySaitama on the moon
What is Baby Saitama?

Baby Saitama is a Deflationary ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain that offers frictionless rewards to its holders. It can be traded on the Uniswap platform using TrustWallet or Metamask.

Ethereum Blockchain

ERC-20 Token


A Reflectionary and Deflationary Token.

Every time someone buys or sells Baby Saitama Tokens a 4% fee is applied, and then a little magic happens... 

Copy of Copy of 2% Burn (2)
2% Reflectioon (4)
No Dev Wallet (1)
Ownership Renounced (3)
Team Finance
Liquidity Locked
Over $31K in Liquidity Locked on Team Finance till 2022!
Verified on Etherscan
Contract is Verified on Ehterscan and Ownership Renounced!
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Road Map

The Life Span of Baby Saitama

This project will take on a life of it's own... Literally and Figuratively. 

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